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Did you know?

More than half of UK workers are now based at home. In February 2022, 84% of workers who had to work from home because of the coronavirus pandemic said they planned to carry out a mix of working at home and in their place of work in the future.

Work from home A person sat at a desk working on a laptop. There is a desk lamp with a light on. There is an image of a tree hung on the wall. The person has a thought bubble coming out of their head and a stack of books beside them.

Working from home has it's dilemmas...

  • No one to chat to by the coffee machine

  • Home and work lives become merged

But there are lots of good things too!

  • Better work-life balance

    Less time commuting means more time sleeping, at home, or working.

  • Less stress

    Give the commuting stress a miss.

  • Flexi-work

    Work around the best times for you. Not everyone thrives on 9­-5.

  • Save money

    No commuting costs at all!

  • Chat online

    Use Skype and other online tools to communicate real-time.

  • Relax

    Work in your pyjamas if you'd like!

  • Peace and quiet

    Less distractions from your colleagues (but perhaps some from your family or pets!).

  • More productive

    Sometimes working to your own schedule, in a quiet atmosphere, means you'll likely be more productive.

Dover to Canterbury

Return Trip (40 miles / 62km)

Comparison between...




Fuel = £5.50

Park & Ride = £3



50 min

+ Park & Ride

0 min

Stay in bed a bit longer


11.42 kg CO2

0 kg CO2

Working from home is the smartest option

It reduces congestion and removes the hassle of the daily commute.

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