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Did you know?

At an average leisurely pace, it would take you just 347 days to walk around the world

We all know the bad things about walking...

  • The weather can be unpredictable

  • It might be too far

But there are lots of good things too!

  • It's free!

    All you need are a comfy pair of shoes.

  • Burn calories

    At 4 mph for 30 minutes, you'll burn up to 150 calories!

  • Get fit

    Believe it or not, walking tones the entire body!

  • Get healthy

    Strengthen your heart, boost your immune system and lower your risk of disease.

  • Get energised

    Walking boosts circulation and increases oxygen to all areas of the body, making you feel alert and focused.

  • Save time

    Often it's much quicker to beat the queue on foot.

  • Be Happy

    Exercise releases feel-good endorphins, making you feel happy and less stressed.

Westgate-on-Sea to Canterbury

One-way (2.8 miles / 4.5 km)

Comparison between...




Fuel = £1.20

+ parking



12 mins

53 mins


1.8 kg CO2

0 kg CO2

Calories burnt

0 kCal

575 kCal

Walking is the smartest option

It might not be as fast, but it's healthier, and allows you to clear your mind.

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