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Did you know?

Buses only need to carry 5 people to break even with cars on emissions

We all know the bad things about buses...

  • Sometimes you have to wait

  • When it's busy you have to queue

But there are lots of good things too!

  • WiFi

    Catch up with friends online or get ahead with emails.

  • People watch

    Watch the world go by.

  • Relax, read or nap

    Use your time productively or catch some Zzzzs.

  • Value for money

    Save money with a season ticket.

  • Hassle free

    No worries about fighting for the last car parking space.

  • Environmentaly friendly

    More buses are electric or run on biodiesel.

  • Avoid the traffic

    Bypass the traffic in bus lanes.

  • Meet new people

    And make new friends.

Dover to Canterbury

Return Trip (40 miles / 62km)

Comparison between...




Fuel = £5.50

Park & Ride = £3

+ running costs tax, insurance etc

Return Ticket = £6.10

or £2.20 per day with a season ticket


50 min

+ Park & Ride

60 min

+ walking either end


11.42 kg CO2

5.98 kg CO2

Bus is the smartest option

It's cheaper and, in most cases, it could work out faster.

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