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Did you know?

There are 38 million empty seats in cars on UK roads every weekday

We all know the bad things about car sharing...

  • Small talk

  • Awkward silence

  • Different music tastes

But there are lots of good things too!

  • Save money

    On petrol, parking, and wear and tear.

  • Connect

    Meet new people and make new friends.

  • Give your car a rest

    Reduce the wear and tear on your car.

  • Leave on time

    A good motivator to leave work on time and get out of bed in the mornings.

  • Reduce pollution

    Two people car sharing who’d normally both drive halves CO2 output.

  • The company

    On a long commute, or if you're stuck in traffic, you have each other to keep company!

Tenterden to Hythe

Return Trip (38.2 miles / 61.6 km)

Comparison between...


Car Share


Fuel = £4.50

Fuel = £2.25

split the cost


41 min

45 min

a slight detour to pick-up your passenger


11.9 kg CO2

5.9 kg CO2

one less car on the road

Car Sharing is the smartest option

It reduces congestion and cuts the cost.

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