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Did you know?

Almost 20% of European passenger rail journeys take place in the UK

We all know the bad things about trains...

  • They can be busy at peak times

  • It can seem more expensive than driving

  • They can have a bad weather day

But there are lots of good things too!

  • Comfy and relaxing…

    A lot of trains have Wi-Fi and power sockets.

  • Real time info

    Live departure and timetable information available.

  • Flexi work

    Avoid peak time trains ­for quieter and cheaper travel.

  • Eat, drink and be merry

    Stock up with refreshments at many stations.

  • Often much quicker

    With station parking for bikes and cars, door to door travel times are often much less.

  • So much greener

    On average, six to eight times lower CO2 per passenger than car travel.

  • Use your time productively

    ...or catch some Zzzzs.

Ashford to Tunbridge Wells

Return Trip (61.8 miles / 99.6 km)

Comparison between...




Fuel = £9

Parking = £6

Totaling £15

Return Ticket = £17.80

or £11 with a season ticket


59 mins

52 mins


19.3 kg CO2

4.2 kg CO2

Train is the smartest option

It's more relaxing, and in most cases it's faster.

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