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Did you know?

Annual bike maintenance costs twenty times less than driving and maintaining a car

We all know the bad things about cycling...

  • You might occasionally need a raincoat

  • Sometimes it might seem too far

But there are lots of good things too!

  • It's free!

    Once you have a bike, helmet and lock, your daily commute costs nothing!

  • Greener than green

    Feel proud, you're pollution free.

  • Calorie burning

    Cycling burns approximately 600 calories an hour.

  • Subsidised gear

    Grants and schemes to help you buy and store your bike.

  • Beat the traffic

    In busy town centres, you can bypass the queues of cars.

  • Super healthy

    Cycling three hours, or 30 kilometers per week, halves your risk of heart disease and strokes.

  • Cycle paths

    More and more designated paths and lanes around Kent make it safer to cycle.

  • Be happier!

    Cycling releases natural feel-good endorphins that can help counter stress and make you feel happy!

Graveney to Whitstable

Return Trip (5.1 miles / 8.3 km)

Comparison between...




Fuel = £1.14



17 min

each way

24 min

each way


3.2 kg CO2

0 kg CO2

Calories burnt

0 kCal

350 kCal

a very large slice of choc fudge cake

Cycling is the smartest option

It's healthier, and allows you to get out and see the countryside

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