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Working from home means you no longer need to worry about the morning traffic, about snoozing that alarm until you really do need to get up, or about de-icing the windshield on those freezing cold winter mornings! You can chill on the sofa and smile smugly at the rush hour queues out the window, while clutching a steaming hot mug of tea…really, what could be better?

Studies have shown that productivity increases by one third when you work from home. Patterns have shown that a combination of not having a commute and having a quieter environment to work in compared to a distracting office means you’re more likely to get more work done, and, you’ll be happier too!

Telecommute – We are so fortunate nowadays; video calling, mobile phones, the internet, it’s endless! There are so many tools at our disposal to help us telecommute. 

Virtual meetings – Sometimes, those all-important meetings really do require some face-to-face time. That 20 minute catch-up though? Consider hosting, or being part of a virtual meeting, rather than trekking miles into the office. There are so many options: conference calling, Skype, phone calls… No more stressing about making that 9am meeting when you are stuck in standstill traffic at 8.30 – perfect! If you are new to virtual meetings, we have put together a list of Do’s and Don’ts to help.

If you are a business owner, or simply want to convince your boss that working from home is the way forward, check out our Business page, which has tips and tricks about helping your workforce to become more sustainable travellers. You can also find information about applying for a sustainable travel business grant to help fund these measures


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