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Cycle to Work Scheme

If you don’t have a bike, or maybe it’s time for an upgrade, check your workplace to find out whether they have joined the Cycle to Work Scheme; it’s a Government scheme that uses tax incentives which will allow you to buy a bike, clothing and accessories, all tax free, so that you’re able to give cycling to work a go. The payments come out of your monthly pay cheque so you’ll hardly even notice you’re paying the installments for that swift new bike you’ve been gushing over. Some companies may opt to go for the Halfords or Evans scheme, both are very similar, but be sure to check with your employer which one you’re signed up to and apply accordingly; check their FAQ for more info or speak to your HR advisor.

Live Better

Getting to work on just two wheels gives you the chance to view your usual commute in a fresh, new way. You have the chance to to take it all in and appreciate it in a way that you might not have noticed before. You might notice the crisp air, the light dew on the fields, the seasonal smells of the Kent countryside and the wildlife that it is home to.

If you want to, but struggle to get on the bike for leisure rides over the weekend, why not hop on and challenge yourself to try commuting – even if it’s just once? Studies say it only takes 21 days to form a new habit!

You might even be lucky enough to live close to one of the routes highlighted in these videos, which are mainly off-road.

Business Travel Grant

If you fancy cycling to work but don’t have the facilities to secure your bike or freshen up, your business could be entitled to apply for a travel grant.


Tired of Traffic?

Why sit in traffic when there are smarter ways to get to work?

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