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Maybe you think that car sharing isn’t for you…

“I can’t car share because I have small children”
If children need dropping off at school or nursery, there may be opportunity to ride with someone needing the same drop-off, or someone who lives by the school for the onward journey.

“Car sharing doesn’t suit me because I work shifts”
Shift working is common in many organisations, and most have set shift patterns. Even for varied shift patterns, it may be that workers can share weekly or fortnightly. 20% of all journeys on the Liftshare network are between the hours of 6pm and midnight – not everyone is 9-5!

“Nobody lives near me”
No one knows this until they search the Liftshare system for matches. Tying into a network with hundreds of thousands of live members, the chances are that a match will be found if the search is widened. A journey match may drive pass them and pick them up en route, or vice versa.

“I work flexi-time so can’t share my commute”
Most flexible office arrangements still have core hours. Perhaps you can start by sharing once a week, where you can match your working day with a colleague’s.

“I don’t have a car!”
Car sharing isn’t just for car owners: for those who don’t or can’t drive, this could be the perfect solution! Liftshare offers the ability to search for lifts as well as offer them.

“I don’t want to agree to share in case I don’t like my car share partner”
No one is obliged to share with anyone they contact, or anyone who contacts them. Why not trial sharing for a few days and if it doesn’t work out, don’t do it again with that person.  Read the Trust and Safety advice on the Liftshare site and travel in confidence.

“I need access to my car during the day”
That’s fine. Offer a lift to someone travelling to your travel start point, or just share a one-way trip. Others may too be needing to make business trips during the day, and it may be that these can be shared.

“I share with my partner/spouse already”
Great! It’s always good to hear that people aren’t driving single-occupancy vehicles. But having two people in a car doesn’t stop them sharing with others too.

“I don’t like the idea of sharing with a stranger”
Some organisations in Kent run a restricted Liftshare group, where you can choose to only share with other members of staff.  Otherwise, take a look at the Trust and Safety advice available.

“I don’t need to car share”
You may not need to, but others do. Registering on the system could help out others who otherwise may not be able to make the journey.

So… go on, give it a go and sign up to KentJourneyshare today.

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