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Join the Kent drive to car share

Need that extra push to try car sharing?  These comments from the Kent car share community might help…

“I have been using the liftshare scheme for over 5 years now and was introduced to it by an employee of Kent County Council. Driving from Herne Bay to Tonbridge everyday is a long drive, so sitting in traffic doesn’t add value to this. Quite often whilst driving there is a line of traffic filled with single occupied vehicles, so in my mind, lift sharing takes a vehicle out of the equation. 

The liftshare makes my journey a lot more interesting and I have shared with a Kent Sport’s Administrator, Equine Lecturer and currently a Multi-skilled Trade Apprentice. 

I look forward to the liftshare scheme expanding and think there is definitely more liftshare opportunities to be found. With the current Motorway usage, in Kent, expanding, this can only help and a bit of extra cash to reduce my fuel cost helps too.”

Paul, Herne Bay


“I have been lift sharing for over a year now, for 2-3 days a week. Having a 2 hour + round trip each day, it is nice to have some company on my long commute. It also means I’ve saved nearly £800 on running costs!! Costs were the main driver (pun intended) for car sharing, so this has made a huge difference. I share with a lady who works in my office and only lives two minutes down the road, so it’s no extra effort from me at all.”

Joe, St Leonard’s on Sea


“Sue and I have been car sharing for nearly 3 years now. It has many advantages, not only financial (about £150 per month each) and reducing wear and tear on our cars, but it also enables one of us to work during our commute.

 We also learn a lot as the passenger can Google any subjects that come up on the radio that we know little about, has anyone been to the bottom of the Mariana Trench, where are the Beacon Fires in Kent, how much does a Spitfire cost to buy…”

Dave, Rochester


“I have now been car sharing for over 5 years, my car share colleague and I both benefit from sharing our journeys and not only for financial reasons, it’s great to have company driving in and out especially in the recent weather and road conditions, having a passenger in the car on journeys that can take longer due to the weather conditions has been a great comfort. I would highly recommend car sharing to anyone that can. We can’t do it every day due to differing working patterns but when we can, we do.”

Sam, Margate


Interested?  Sign up to KentJourneyshare to find a car share buddy.


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