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Jambusters: Travel Plans for Schools

What is a school travel plan?
A School Travel Plan is a document which sets out how a school will promote safer, active and sustainable travel to school, with the main emphasis being on reducing the number of children being driven to and from school which could help:

  • reduce the number of car journeys to your school
  • establish positive active journeys to school
  • improve both mental and physical health through physical activity
  • promote independence and improve safety awareness
  • reduce the environmental impact of the journey to school

The travel plan helps schools to gather information on travel-related issues which may affect pupils and parents on the journey to and from school. More children travel to school by car now than ever before and for these children, this means:

  • less exercise
  • less understanding of their local environment
  • less experience of making journeys on their own

Developing or updating the school travel plan could help to change this for the better. Schools are then able to gather the information and evidence required to make decisions and prioritise the measures or initiatives required to address the travel issues they face.

Responsible Parking

We’ve all seen it (and, at times, quite possibly contributed to it) – parking outside schools at peak times can often be erratic, infuriating and ultimately, unsafe for children, residents and other road users.

The Responsible Parking website has recently been redesigned to offer more advice and resources (including a catalogue of various banners, leaflets, sweatshirts and Travel Maps) to assist schools run their own campaigns to promote a safer school environment and alleviate problem parking and traffic congestion.

Travel Maps

Travel Maps and leaflets are an effective way to get messages across to staff, parents and residents in order to help influence their behaviour and to, ultimately, encourage a reduction in car use. By highlighting the sustainable travel options that are available and indicating their benefits, people are more likely to give these options a try.

Tired of Traffic?

Why sit in traffic when there are smarter ways to get to work?

Journey Planner

Going somewhere? Compare the smartest ways to get from A to B