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In the commuting world, cars are often our first port of call. But there are still so many ways that we can use our cars and travel smarter.

Carsharing is a great way to save money and reduce congestion. Kent Journey Share enables Kent residents to set up an account and personal profile that allows you to search other members traveling some or all of your journey. It’s free to join, so why not set up an account if you haven’t already? Contact us to find out about how you could set up a private business group.

Car clubs make it easy to travel into the office sustainably while still having access to a car should you need one. It’s an affordable, quick and easy way to get access to a car without needing your own. Co Wheels covers Maidstone (two locations) Tunbridge Wells and Canterbury, visit Car Share: Co Wheels Car Club | Co Wheels | Co Wheels ( for more information.

Tired of Traffic?

Why sit in traffic when there are smarter ways to get to work?

Journey Planner

Going somewhere? Compare the smartest ways to get from A to B