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Flexible Working

Some businesses are more flexible than others; some require their employees to be in, some, however, don’t. Think about whether your journeys are really necessary, or whether you might be able to avoid a few altogether.

  • Technology has advanced so far that we can speak to people all over the world in a matter of seconds. Why not look into video and conference calls, webinars, or online training, to avoid all those unnecessary trips into the office? Get some extra work done in the time you’d normally spend commuting.
  • Flexi-time is becoming more and more common in businesses – your employees could avoid the high peak congestion by arriving later in the day, or working from home. With technology, they can be virtually available whenever you need them!
  • Travel blending is a brilliant way to reduce your travel. Sometimes, we really do have to be at that really important meeting. You could reduce the frequency of your business related travel by looking into scheduling meetings into one trip and managing your meeting times and agendas in a more productive way.
  • Planning ahead is the key, when it comes to business travel; look into ways that you can avoid congested peak periods, or seek out locations which are easily accessible by public transport, to avoid your car all together!

If you’re interested in using technology more often, but are struggling to find the means, apply for a sustainable travel grant to help fund that video conference suite you’ve always wanted.



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