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Do’s & Don’ts when teleconferencing


Look into the camera – at a real meeting you would be keeping eye contact with the other participants. Look directly into the camera to give this illusion.
Make sure you are speaking clearly – you need to ensure you are heard, so find the balance… don’t mumble and don’t shout!
Dress as you would for a real meeting – you might be in your onesie for most of the day, but if you have a meeting, pop on some smarter clothing!
Move naturally – You don’t need to be sitting upright, or position your face in the frame, leaving you sitting uncomfortably. Everything about this virtual meeting should be similar to an ordinary meeting.
Be polite – Take turns, avoid shouting over the top of other people. The usual cues apply – wait until everyone has said their piece in the same way you would in the office.
Get distracted – Your meeting time is not a time to check emails, watch cat videos, or make a cuppa… Give the meeting your full attention; all those things will still be there afterwards!
Be distracting – Just because your boss looks away from the screen for a moment, don’t take that opportunity to be unprofessional and pull faces at your colleague… You never know when the screen could freeze!
Cover the camera or microphone – You can speak as clearly as you like, but if you have a Post-it over the camera, or your scarf over the microphone, nobody will be able to see or hear you!
Sit somewhere with background noise – Minimise background noise wherever possible; shut the windows, don’t wear rustley clothes or noisy jewellery, close the door. Make sure you are in a calm, quiet and tranquil environment.
Have side conversations – If your partner or family members are lucky enough to be at home as well, make sure they know you’re in a meeting. Your boss doesn’t want to hear them shouting at you for not replacing the toilet roll, or asking if you have any whites that need washing…

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