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3 Steps to making a modal shift

You’re probably asking yourself why you should consider changing the way you get around.

We know that most times, the car makes sense: it’s quick, easy, and convenient.

But we’re here to challenge you to think about your journeys – because your journeys matter.

Reducing your car driving means less pollution, less congestion on the roads, less noise, and less stress from sitting in traffic. Switching to a more sustainable mode often means you’ll be saving time (take the time you’re on the train to check those work emails), saving money (active travel is free!), and saving yourself worry from traffic and where you’re going to park.

We want to challenge the way you think about your journeys; could you swap a few for the bus or bike if they’re just short journeys? Always wanted to try cycling but just never got around to it? Now is the perfect time.

They say it only takes around 21 days to break a habit…start slow and use these tips to help you reconsider your car journey.

1. Plan

Of course, we can’t break our habits without working out how to do it. Planning is key – in order to make a change last, you will need to plan the best way to achieve it. Make a commitment and write it down. Get creative about how you’ll start to incorporate the change into your routine and set some time aside to make a start. 

Use our Journey Planner to find the best routes near you. Start slow, be consistent in your practices, do more of what you enjoy. Forgive yourself if you miss a day, and allow yourself to be flexible. If you’ve had a good week and achieved what you had hoped, then celebrate your success! Practicing these will keep you on the right path to switching your habits.

2. Play 

Have some fun! Catch the train to London, or walk to the pub instead of driving…the possibilities for incorporating sustainable travel are endless! Travel should be enjoyable, not a frustration. Once you get out and try new ways, we think you’ll find the beauty in it really quickly.

3. Share

Once you’ve found what works for you, tell people about it! Tell your friends, family, even strangers – everyone needs to hear how great it can be to mix up your travel arrangements and they’ll also be inspired to try something new.


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