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Wheel Potential

Wheel Potential is a Community Interest Company run by volunteers. Their aim is to provide an open-air cycling experience for less able adults. Wheel Potential adapt cycling machines including trikes, tandem trikes and wheelchair transporters, in order to accommodate for those who, by virtue of learning or physical disabilities are unable to enjoy cycling safely and unaccompanied, something which others often take for granted. Before 2016, there was no such facility for people in the Canterbury district, so the idea of Wheel Potential was born.

The benefits of cycling for less able adults are the same for able bodied adults, however these benefits have an enhanced importance to the Wheel Potential users. Not only is cycling a fun activity, it also improves physical and mental well-being. Opportunities for exercise can sometimes be limited but Wheel Potential makes cycling accessible to all. Wheel Potential currently have 14 adapted machines suitable for a range of disabilities and five orthodox bicycles for accompanying carers. Cycles are stored in two shipping containers and participants cycle on a flat, off-road route along the Great Stour Way between Canterbury and Chartham. Groups can join the scheme for an annual fee and can book and borrow bikes using an online booking system.

Kent Connected are very lucky in that we have been able to help the amazing people at Wheel Potential to expand their fleet of adapted cycles in Canterbury. The Department for Transport funded StAR KCC Access bid was able to fund a second wheelchair cycle transporter meaning that more than one wheelchair user can make use of Wheel Potential’s services at any one time. For more information on the amazing work that Wheel Potential do, visit their website.

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