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Kent Connected


Are you looking for an easier and more convenient way to pay for your bus tickets? Why not get one of our free Smartcards and you will never have to worry about having the correct change again!

Get a Smartcard Top-up FAQs
  1. Get a free Smartcard

    Pick up your free Smartcard online.

    Get a Smartcard
  2. Top-up

    Load it up with credit, using your preferred top-up method and you are ready to go.

    Add Credit
  3. Jump on the bus

    You can use your Connected card on the following operators in Kent & Medway.

    • ASD
    • Autocar
    • Chalkwell
    • Farleigh
    • Go-Coach
    • Nu-Venture
  4. Arrive with a smile on your face!


  • Share with family

    The Smartcard is versatile; you can use it for yourself, share it with your family members, or grab one for your child to ensure they always have their bus fare home!

  • Auto top-up

    If you select Auto Top-Up then you will never have to worry about running out of credit, giving you peace of mind and saving you time!

  • Offers & Rewards

    If you register your card online, you will be opening up your card to even more benefits!

  • More secure than cash

    If you lose your Smartcard and it is registered online, we can block it to protect your credit and stop anyone else from using it.


  • Which buses can I use it on?

    ASD, Autocar, Chalkwell, Farleigh, Go-Coach and Nu-Venture.

  • I've lost my Smartcard

    If your card is registered, login to your account and report your card as missing. Do this as soon as possible, especially if Auto Top Up is configured. We will block your card to prevent unauthorised use. If you don't have an online account, then your card is not registered and we are unable to block your card.

  • How do I get a Smartcard?

    Smartcards are free but you will be asked to purchase a minimum amount of credit when you obtain one. You can apply online to get one.

  • I'm having problems with my Smartcard

    To report an issue with your card phone the Contact Centre 03000 41 99 96 and they will investigate.

  • Where can I top up my Smartcard?

    The easiest way to add credit to your smartcard is to configure Auto Top Up via your online account.

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Smarter ways to pay

No need to worry about having the correct change.