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Kent Connected

Business Travel Grants

Kent Connected is offering Kent businesses a chance to apply for a £5,000 capital grant to use towards physical improvements or installations to encourage sustainable travel measures within your workplace.

We welcome any new and innovative ideas, but some examples of past awards have been used for:

  • cycle storage
  • communications technology & IT equipment (i.e. smartphones, videoconferencing facilities, cloud software)
  • showers, lockers, and changing room facilities
  • bicycles and gear for the office
  • electric charging points
  • signage and road markings
  • footpath and cycle-path improvements

“I’ve always believed a healthy workforce is a happy one! Being healthy increases motivation, morale, production and general good health. Having shower facilities has enabled more people to cycle to work and even run. We urge people to take breaks from their screens and get out, so again, being able to exercise during the day is an option we can offer now with the shower. The only downside is now everyone wants new bikes so we are looking at cycle to work schemes!” Simon Wilson, Managing Director, Red Bullet, Canterbury

To register your interest, please email us and we will be in touch with information on how to apply.

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