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British Red Cross Transport Service


The British Red Cross Transport Support Service is for people who cannot get about easily or use public transport.

The service helps individuals to:-

      Get to and from appointments i.e. GP, hospital, dentist or optician.

      Do everyday tasks such as shopping.

      Travel to and from day centres, nursing homes etc.

      Get out of the house to socialise and meet people.

Our service is provided by volunteers who use their own vehicles. The British Red Cross also has Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles in parts of Kent.

We are able to provide an escort who, if necessary, will stay throughout the journey.

Journeys are charged per mile to cover fuel and other expenses.

Office Times

Bookings can be made via the client support centre

Contact Details

01622 690 011
Red Cross House, 25 College Road, Maidstone, ME15 6SX

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